Lista completa a achievement-urilor din Fallout 4 a fost facuta publica

Fallout 4 mai are putin isi va gasi un loc caldut in libraria gamerilor de pretutindeni, demonstrand inca odata ca Bethesda realizeaza jocuri care distrug viata sociala.

Dar pe langa questurile principale si secundare, trebuie sa ne aducem aminte ca exista si achievement-uri, existand o tagma de jucatori care se vor bucura nespus sa stie ce vor avea de facut in joc pentru a acumula aceste trofee sau  achievement-uri. Lista mai jos.

The Nuclear Option – Complete „The Nuclear Option”

Nuclear Family – Complete „Nuclear Family”

Old Guns – Complete „Old Guns”

Ad Victoriam – Complete „Ad Victoriam”

Gun-For-Hire – Complete 10 Side Quests

Mercenary – Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

Rockets’ Red Glare – Complete „Rockets’ Red Glare”

What’s Yours Is Mine – Pick 50 Locks

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare – Hack 50 Terminals

Armed and Dangerous – Create 50 Weapon Mods

Wasteland D.I.Y.  – Craft 100 Items

Ranger Corps – Discover 100 Locations

…They’re Action Figures – Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Unstoppable Wanderer – Reach Level 25

Legend Of The Wastes – Reach Level 50

War Never Changes – Enter The Wasteland

When Freedom Calls – Complete „When Freedom Calls”

Unlikely Valentine – Complete „Unlikely Valentine”

Reunions – Complete „Reunions”

Dangerous Minds – Complete „Dangerous Minds”

Hunter/Hunted – Complete „Hunter/Hunted”

The Molecular Level – Complete „The Molecular Level”

Institutionalized – Complete „Institutionalized”

Mankind-Redefined – Complete „Mankind-Redefined”

Powering Up – Complete „Powering Up”

The First Step – Join the Minutemen

Taking Independence – Complete „Taking Independence”

Semper Invicta – Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Blind Betrayal – Complete „Blind Betrayal”

Tradecraft – Join the Railroad

Underground Undercover – Complete „Underground Undercover”

Sanctuary – Complete „Sanctuary”

Community Organizer – Ally with 3 Settlements

Benevolent Leader – Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement

Scavver – Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

Never Go It Alone – Recruit 5 Separate Companions

Lovable – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

Fix-Er-Upper – Build 100 Workshop Items

Future Retro – Play a Holotape Game

…The Harder They Fall – Kill 5 Giant Creatures

Print’s Not Dead – Read 20 Magazines

Prankster’s Return – Place A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

Masshole – Kill 300 People

Animal Control – Kill 300 Creatures

Homerun! – Get a Homerun

Touchdown! – Get a Touchdown

They’re Not Dolls… – Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Born Survivor – Reach Level 5

Commonwealth Citizen – Reach Level 10


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