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ASUS Browser este browserul aflat pe terminalele ASUS. Acesta beneficieaza de interfata Zen UI, si este bazat pe Google Chrome.

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As we highly value the Internet surfing user experience, we pay particular attention on surfing speed, information representation and stylish off-line reading use cases.

– With the clean and intuitive Zen UI design powered by text-reflow technology, you could view web contents easily in a smaller screen.

– As a web page is found with region of important information, you are able to view it at a full screen scale without any additional advertisements and less important information. Also, you can save it as a page within reading list.

– With the offline feature of reading list, you could continue information consuming even at no-Internet conditions.

– With the magazine view powered by “Smart Reader”, you could read your favorite web contents off-line in pleasure reading manner.

– As open a new empty window, „speed dial” panel allows you to set a couple of web pages you often visited when start to grab information.

– For different physical form factor, there are two multi-window management for one-hand and two hand usage scenarios.

– With the state-of-art Chrome-based browser engine, you could surf web contents at fast page loading pace.

– For the machine sold to different territories, as open a new empty window, „navigation” panel allows you to have a quickly understanding of local popular web sites.

– With “Do It Later” integration, you could make a web page as a task to be read at your convenient pace.

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