Daigo din circuitul Street Fighter doneaza 60.000 de dolari

Daigo este unul dintre cele mai cunoscute nume in scena de esports, mai ales daca zona de interes pe care o agreezi este cea a fighterelor. Numele Daigo este asociat de cele mai multe ori cu unul dintre cei mai buni jucatori de Street Fighter din lume. Tipul are si o serie manga dedicata vietii lui, asa ca discutam de un individ extrem de cunoscut. Un individ cu inima de aur aparent, acesta donand catre Shoryuken, organizatia care pune pe picioare unul dintre cele mai importante evenimente din genul fighting, Evo, toate castigurile sale de la cupa Capcom, unde a luat locul 2.

Banii, urmeaza sa fie folositi in bursa scolastica Evo, inceputa in anul 2012 si ajutata anul acesta de tanarul samaritean. Ca o scurta prefata a programului, acesta a inceput ca un sprijin din partea comunitatii fighting de a a-si sprijinii membri care doresc sa isi urmeze visul, si anume dezvoltarea de jocuri. Astfel, festivalul, impreuna cu New York Universety Game Center, din cadrul Tisch School of the Arts gasind cea mai simpla metoda de finantare pentru acest program pana la aceasta donatie. Toti banii primiti din abonamentele pentru tranzmisiunea online ducandu-se catre aceasta bursa. Iar anul acesta se mai adauga si cei 60.000 de dolari donati cu generozitate de catre Daigo

I would like to donate all my prize winnings from the Capcom Pro-Tour Finals to the community. It’s simply because I would not have existed without community and I owe you. My “professional” gamer life has given me such invaluable experiences. I get to give all myself to fight against top players around the world and meet and engage with fans across the globe. I can express myself through my gameplay to the audience, the community. Just as you need an opponent in fighting game, the community is equally important to me.

My pro-gaming life started with SFIV. The CPT Finals were to conclude one chapter of my life. I worked hard everyday. I grew a lot. I had so much fun in the process over the year. I felt fulfilled. Being content, I came to the finals. I was thinking that if I had had won any prizes, I would want to give it back to the community, which has supported me all these times. Not only was I able to win the prize, I was able to play my game and express myself. I had great matches, and I had a great fun.

I sincerely hope the money I donate will help the community thrive further. The stronger the community grows, the further my career expands, doesn’t it? That is not so bad. At least, it would be a much wiser and prudent investment than an Ume-Shoryu?!

I cannot express my gratitude to the community. But I would like to say that I’m looking forward to seeing you next year again. Hope you all have happy holidays.

Daigo Umehara


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